Apple Watch, a latest product category for Apple Inc. It’s not just a simple watch, but a smart watch. The Watch itself has iOS and several other Apple services indeed. Apple Watch is entirely a unique platform. It won’t only work as a fashion product, but will also steadily run its particular apps, which will easily connect with the iPhone. But can Apple Watch perform without an iPhone?

It can’t actually take over from the iPhone. Not at this moment at least. Apple Watch doesn’t itself have a GPS receiver, so if you don’t have your iPhone nearby you can’t estimate the area you have covered either by walking or in the car.

This doesn’t mean that Apple Watch will be a flop product by Apple Inc. It has its own processor, sensors and built-in storage inside. There are few interesting applications out there to make Apple Watch worth buying indeed.

You can directly pay for any item through Apple Pay, a fascinating app for Apple Watch. Ever thought of that? It’s an amazing reality now. You will be able to utilize amusing Apple Watch to make payment for the items you will buy in shops. To pay for an item you will only need to move your precious Apple Watch at the Pay-compatible terminal and allow the built-in NFC (radio) do its thing. Amazing? Isn’t it?

The build-in storage of 2GB will be usable for music. But you can efficiently stream from the likes of SoundCoud, Grooveshark or Spotify. You can listen music via built-in speakers or by connecting wireless headphones and be in your own world.

You can also monitor and record your heart-rate or workout as it automatically store the data to its Health App when you return back from a journey to gymnasium. It doesn’t even need to be paired with your iPhone. This app can solely work wonders indeed.

These and many other features are iPhone-free, but you can’t deny the fact that Apple Watch still desires for iPhone nearby for few apps.

“Apple’s watch could be as revolutionary as the first clocks” – Nicholas Carr.

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