Google Chromebook Pixel 2, a new product launched by Google recently. Chromebook with a 2560 by 1700 pixel-resolution display, 400 nit brightness that is valuable and a screen density of 239 pixels per inch makes a very marvelous reading experience you will ever have. But is this latest machine worth $999?

Google’s Chromebooks are usually designed to be swift, better battery life and fascinating performance indeed. Chromebook Pixel 2 isn’t unlike either. Apple isn’t the solo company out there inventing new laptops with higher-resolution display, amazing performance and genuine price. Google’s latest Chromebook is in the market now to compete with new 12-inch MacBook.

Google’s Chromebook Pixel 2 run Chrome OS, an operating system, including the cloud storage. With continuous improvements to the Chrome OS, buying a Google’s Chromebook is not an issue like it was a few years ago. But still, it’s one of the expensive laptops that only allows you to run several software only.

It will not be inaccurate to say that Google’s Chromebook including Pixel 2 is enhanced for Google’s apps. It can be either positive or negative for you, relying upon how much you like Google apps. Whereas, Chromebook are invented to lean massively on the internet. Many applications won’t work if you aren’t connected to Wi-Fi.

It’s way too a lot to pay for a device that suffer much of its service once you’re off the internet. General lack of fascinating apps specifically for photo editing is getting worse than ever. Google has indeed done an amazing job on total performance and hardware with the Chromebook Pixel, but they somehow still need to battle against that software gap.

In the conclusion, the new Chromebook Pixel is bit astonishing. People who are big fan of Chrome OS or Google will love to buy this product for $999 but the rest of us would perhaps opt for $300 machine or buy a new PC or Mac worth $1200.

“It’s still the same kind of computer the first Pixel was, though. Its quality is excellent, but its operating system combined with its price makes it a nonsensical purchase for most people.” – Andrew Cunningham.

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